The Edge of Darkness

28 Late-Autumn, 760

The Summer Solstice was ending so the decision was made to flee into the mists instead of returning to Pharazia. Thalia would have to wait to return to Pharazia to complete the trade with the rakshasa: the Sun Disk of Ra for her soul…

After spending, what felt like several days in the mists, the mists receded to reveal sweeping, flat, grassy plains.

The wind whistled eerily across the grassy plains, which were occasionally dotted with a rocky outcropping. Flocks of birds flew overhead, herds of wild horses grazed, but the land felt lonely and empty. Moe, Thalia, Thurik and Sophia wandered uncertain of where to go, until finally they came across some farms which bordered a secluded town.

The name of the town was Arbora, in the land of Nova Vaasa.

After finding a room in a comfortable inn named, the “World’s End Inn,” they learned much has changed since they’ve been gone. The date is the 28th of Late-Autumn in the year of the False Shadow, 760. Almost two years have passed since they started their search for the “Desert Flower.”

In the common room of the inn people anxiously whispered of strife in the West—that war was upon the West!

The strife in the West began after the matriarch of Richemulot, Jacqueline Reinier, was assassinated on the 12th of Early-Summer, the Day of Tradition.

It was well-known throughout the lands the nation of Falkovnia, ruled by the mercenary-king, Vlad Drakov, desired to conquer its neighboring lands. Vlad used the assassination of Richemulot’s ruler as his opportunity.

On the 15th of Early- Summer, three days after the assassination of Jacqueline Reinier, Falkovnia ruthlessly blitzkrieged Richemulot’s capital city, Pont-a-Museau. There are rumors that the great city, Pont-a-Museau burned. After the attack on Pont-a-Museau the Treaty of Four Towers was upheld; and Borca, Mordent, and Dementlieu went to Richemulot’s defense. All-out war was upon the West.

The Falkovnian army is currently fighting on many fronts. The city of Ste. Ronges is under siege, while skirmishes are fought in the moors of eastern Mordent and the southern forests of Dementlieu.

The vicious tyrant Malocchio Aderre of Invidia has allied himself with Vlad Drakov.



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