The Edge of Darkness


As it happened, a few months ago, I was on my way to a small house of Ezra on foot. It was raining lightly, and I remembered tasting the drops as they fell. Maybe it was my imagination, but they seemed have a bitter flavor, and I couldn’t help but wonder: “Is Ezra crying this morning?” That day felt very quiet while I sojourned in the house of Ezra. I pondered sadly: “Have people given up on faith? Has it become so bad that they fear praying would cause them harm? Have the Falkovians wrought so much destruction and death in every city they touch?”

As fast as that thought came, it then vanished. I start praying, and suddenly a thought entered my mind, carrying with it a feeling stronger than any I have ever had before, as if someone had spoken them to me: “ I can not let my people suffer anymore it has to stop. Surely there is a way, something has to be done but what? Ezra what would you have me do, I am a true believer and my faith will never depart from you. My heart, mind, and body are devoted to you. How can I help, how can I save these suffering people? I am but one person, give me strength and fortitude, and I will build an army of the faithful. We will bring down the Falkovian army, and our people will once again be free.”

I looked around the church hall, scarcely believing what I just said. Was there someone implanting these thoughts in my head? It appeared that I was alone, and I was but thinking aloud; Ezra had spoken to me and I had answered. But how, how was I going to do this thing myself? After all, I was just one person and I needed help. As that somber thought hung in my mind, the doors slammed open, and in walked a cloaked figure, dressed in tight white-washed leathers, strong, tall, and lean of body. She unveiled her hood, her black hair falling to her shoulders, revealing delicately pointed ears, and blue eyes the color of topaz; she smiled at me. Looking up at the mural laden ceiling, I quietly whispered thank you to the Lady; I had found the help I so desperately needed.

I can recall our meeting so clearly; I remember each word… “Jana, is that really you?” The woman warrior responded incredulously, “Thalia, I can’t believe it, I knew I’d find you here, I just knew it, Ezra told me I would!” Old memories flooded my thoughts. “Blessed our holy mother, look at you Jana, you’ve have grown. When last I saw you, we were little children, but that never stopped you from beating up all the boys. You are a sight beyond imagination. Tell me, you said Ezra sent you here in a dream?” To which she said: "Yes Thalia, it was several moons ago that I was fortunate enough to have joined on to the Resistance, and became a quick study the military arts, to which I have devoted myself since. My journey, as you can imagine, has been difficult and perilous; I have ventured here seeking guidance. Thalia, our people are dying, and not just in our lands, but all over. I had heard rumors of a woman holy warrior, one that was strong, a half-blood Elf who, they say could best a 100 men. I knew in my heart that it was you and I that had to find you. Whilst passing through the humble countryside, slightly north of here, I heard the wind call out my name. “This way”, is all it said, beckoning me south to this small church. Here you are, Thalia, and I am so happy to see you!"

We embraced, and I told her: “Jana, we are going to form a devoted group of holy warriors, and I can think of no other but you to be my 2nd in command. I have some food in my pack, you must be hungry and tired, eat and rest and later we will catch up. I recall that I was so happy, and though we had much work to do, I felt a small sense of victory; both our prayers had been answered. And so my faith strengthened even more, and I knew that I must endeavor on, for in the name of Ezra we have no choice but to prevail. It was at that moment, that the wind seemed to feel warmer, and the rain began to drizzle again, but this time the water tasted pure, and I knew that Ezra was sad no longer.



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