The Edge of Darkness

Sands and Stone

I scrawl upon this feeble parchment in the hopes that anyone who finds it may put these words to use, assuming it is readable…

I am Thurik Orinbald, a foreigner to this land of bare and sun-baked sands. I and my companions: Moe, Sophia, and Thalia, have quested into the wastes in order to find the tomb of a cursed Demigod, the feared Pharaoh Ankhlpot. A mummified creature that has endured death after deceiving his family. We seek to find the Al Andalus, known to us as the Desert Flower, an artifact resembling a large gem, at the behest of our patron Grey Ravenshaw, in order to return to our lands as a force of Light against the great Darkness infesting Hadley.

We have entered the great triangular stone haven of this creature on the Summer Solstice. Thus far we have passed the entrance chamber, having just bested several stone guardians that were almost our doom. May the blessings of Ezra and the Raven Queen be upon us as we proceed further into the dark caverns of this edifice. All our hopes, and that of many innocent lives, lie with the recovery of that great treasure and our timely return to those lands we call home, lost in the Mists as they may be. I pray that our souls are not so wayward as ourselves.



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