Halfling Rogue


== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ==
Halfling, Rogue, Shadow Assassin
Build: Trickster Rogue
Rogue Tactics Option: Artful Dodger
Rogue Option: Sharpshooter Talent
Sharpshooter Talent Option: Sharpshooter Talent (Crossbow)
Halfling – High Roller (+2 to Streetwise)

STR 11, CON 13, DEX 23, INT 11, WIS 9, CHA 18

STR 10, CON 11, DEX 18, INT 10, WIS 8, CHA 14

AC: 26 Fort: 20 Ref: 27 Will: 23
HP: 80 Surges: 7 Surge Value: 20

Acrobatics +19, Bluff +15, Perception +10, Stealth +19, Streetwise +17, Thievery +19

Arcana +6, Athletics +6, Diplomacy +10, Dungeoneering +5, Endurance +7, Heal +5, History +6, Insight +5, Intimidate +10, Nature +5, Religion +6

Basic Attack: Melee Basic Attack
Basic Attack: Ranged Basic Attack
Halfling Racial Power: Second Chance
Feat Power: Shade Stride
Rogue Attack 1: Sly Flourish
Rogue Attack 1: Acrobatic Strike
Rogue Attack 1: Positioning Strike
Rogue Attack 1: Blinding Barrage
Rogue Utility 2: Tumble
Rogue Attack 3: Shadow Steel Roll
Rogue Attack 5: Go for the Eyes
Rogue Attack 7: Cloud of Steel
Rogue Attack 9: Knockout
Rogue Utility 10: Shadow Stride
Shadow Assassin Attack 11: Killer’s Eye
Shadow Assassin Utility 12: Bad Idea, Friend

Far Shot
Level 1: Backstabber
Level 2: Haunting Shade
Level 4: Distant Advantage
Level 6: Slaying Action
Level 8: Haunting Shade Expert
Level 10: Hidden Sniper
Level 11: Weapon Proficiency (Kukri)
Level 12: Master at Arms

Vicious Hand Crossbow +2 x1
Amulet of Mental Resolve +3 x1
Bracers of Archery (heroic tier) x1
Flint and Steel
Belt Pouch (empty)
Trail Rations
Crossbow Bolts
Fine Clothing
Thieves’ Tools
Oil (1 pint)
Camouflaged Clothing
Desert Clothing
Grappling Hook
Hempen Rope (50 ft.)
Mark of the Tembo (heroic tier)
Handy Haversack (heroic tier)
Cloaked Kukri +2 x1
Disguise Kit
Climber’s Kit
Holy Symbol
Bottle of Wine
Inquisitive’s Kit
Shadowdance Leather Armor +2 x1
== End ==


Moe Zwergziege was born to Lyra Zwergzieg in a Ghetto out side of Rivalis. His father is unknown to even his mother Lyra, who, while in a small village had a few too many drinks one night and a few weeks later found out she was pregnant. Moe grew up as a goat herder. They travel from area to area selling and buying goats. Since Moe is so traveled he picked up the language Balok. Moe’s home is basically what he carries on his back. He moves from ghetto to ghetto, never really staying in one place very long. For the last several months Moe has been inquiring about joining up with a group of adventurer’s to fulfill his wanderlust nature.

Moe is an average looking Halfling a few inches shorter than most, 3’2" which is even more emphasized by his crouching stature. The most notable feature of Moe is his cold blue eyes which are very rare in Halflings of these parts. He carries a blade or two, normally a short sword and or a dagger. He has improved his hand cross bow with a strap that allows him to drop the crossbow to his side and draw a blade. This is a tactic that he learned repelling off wolves. He normally wears his hair in a pony tail, however, if combat is expected he may tie it up under a scarf or a hat.

Growing up, Moe learned to fear and respect wolves. Since his herd of goats is always a tempting target for a pack of hungry wolves.

Moving from ghetto to ghetto, Moe picked up the hobby of gambling. Never loosing more than a few of his own coins playing dice or some form of card games of chance, Moe, however would play for hours at a time if he was playing with monies he had won.

Moe is not religious by nature but you may catch him saying a prayer to The Morning Lord for protection or a bit of luck.

Moe follows his heart as he travels around, unconsciously whistling a tune and never having an exact target as a destination. His wanderlust keeps him on the move and motivates his actions. “Moving forward is always better than standing still” is a quote he says frequently.

Most people look upon Moe as a child, and quite often underestimate his abilities. This is one trait that has gotten him out of pinch or two in his travels. His basic resistance to fear also means that he can be somewhat spontaneous in his actions. He follows his heart and he sometimes will take the first shot when he feels threatened.


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