Light of Andral

The perfectly balanced hammer attacks with the power of the sun. One side of the hammer is scorched while the other side is untarnished.

weapon (melee)

Light of andral


Over six centuries ago the hammer was given as a gift to the dreadnought Sio Summerstone from the high-priest of the sun god, Andral. The hammer was believed to be forged on the sun by the god Andral. Sio was a dwarven dreadnought, or a knight who fears nothing, that devoted his life to the destruction of evil. The hammer was believed lost shortly after Sio died. Sio died valiantly battling a demon servant of Ereshkigal, the goddess of darkness. One side of the hammer was scorched during the battle with the demon.

The hammer was discovered by Thalia below the Monastery of the Silver Sun in the Balinok Mountains in Barovia.

Light of Andral

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