House Rules

Ongoing Damage

  • Ongoing damage is dealt as additional damage at the time of the attack, and then at the beginning of the attacker’s turn until the target saves.
  • It is the attacker’s responsibility to remember to deal the ongoing damage each round.
  • Only the highest ongoing damage effect affects a target.


  • Ongoing conditions progress, stage 1 through stage 7 click here for chart.
  • All conditions end upon save (no longer until start/end of the next turn).
  • Only affected by one condition, the most severe condition, at a time (no longer immobilized and dazed).
  • If you are affected by a condition of you current stage, then your condition worsens to next stage (dazed and get dazed again, now you are stunned).


  • Magic and magical items are very rare, so minor magical items like sunrods are not commonplace.
  • Your character can imbue a part of their magical energy, whether it is arcane, martial, or primal in to an item. Starting at first level you can choose one first level magic item. Once you level you can replace the magic item with a new magic item equal to your new level. You are able to perform this process (ritual) once per level. As your character gains levels, and thus gains power, you are able to imbue more magic items. You can choose a second magic item at third level, a third magic item at sixth level, and a fourth magic item at ninth level. The magic items are only magical in your possession.

Extraordinary Deeds

  • A bonus action point will be awarded to players for extraordinary deeds. Some examples of extraordinary deeds include legendary heroism, brilliant insight, or even outstanding role-playing. A bonus action point can be used by the player without the standard one action point per encounter restriction. A bonus action point stays with the player until used.

Passive Skill Checks

  • A passive skill check will be used with all skills when not actively, openly, or directly using the skill.

Healing Surges

  • Once per round a healing surge may be used to re-roll an attack or skill check.
  • Once per round a healing surge may be used to add one additional die of damage to a damage roll.

House Rules

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