Lord Jules Weathermay – Ruler of Mordent, aging and sickly

Daniel Foxgrove – Lord Mayor of Mordentshire, son in law of Lord Jules Weathermay

Owen Finhallen – Sheriff of Mordentshire, leader of the renowned Lamplighters

Sir Samuel Cosse – Co-founder of the Lamplighters and its highest ranking investigator

Amaril – Elven lamplighter who has been missing since traveling to Hadley in the year 757

Edgar Shade – Disappeared while investigating the attack of Gennifer Foxgrove-Weathermay, father of Ava

Dr. Rudolph van Richten – Renowned scholar and “monster hunter,” vanished in the year 750

Gennifer and Laurie Weathermay-Foxgrove – Twin daughters of Daniel and Alice Foxgrove, maintain Van Richten’s herbalist shop in his absence

Artemis Garrett – Inquisitor of Hadley

Gerard Miller – Caretaker of Witter Estate, scholar of the arcane

Simon Hallow – Captain of the town watch in Hadley

Lady Audrey Kavanagh – “Governess” of Hadley, but rarely seen in the town

Lord Seon Amgrave – Lord of the Cliff; patriarch of the Amgrave family

Scarlet Ravenshaw – Known as the “Red Raven,” matriarch of the Ravenshaw family

Grey RavenshawClick here for information

Arden Ravenshaw – Custodian of Ravenshaw Manor, uncertainty about true identity

Trevor Tiller – High anchorite of the Lady’s Temple of Ezra in Hadley

Ava ShadeClick here for information

Alyssa – Young Vistani girl with extraordinary fortune telling ability

Larthorianum – Professor, scholar of the arcane, and the mentor of Sophia Shade

Alabaster – Mysterious cat familiar of Grey Ravenshaw

Tillivin – Roguish, enigmatic elf from the Drust Quarter

Trevor – Suspicious but kindhearted orphan boy from the Drust Quarter

Lord Durven Westerman – Lord of the Northern Reaches; patriarch of the Westerman family

Bryant – Deputy of the Westerman family

Emmett Kavanagh – Lord of the Crimson Guard, known as the “Crimson Viper”

Captain Ramon – Riverboat captain who trades along the Musarde River

Joshua Barrow – Barovian merchant

Fredrick – Joshua Barrow’s guard captain

Radu von Zarovich – Missionary of the Morninglord

Cyprian Luther – Nosferatu assassin of the Ba’al Verzi

Victoria – Eleni’s cousin and Mulan noble

Eleni of Toyalis – Apprentice of the wizard Hazlik, the ruler of Hazlan

Ossur – Scholar and historian; hated rival of Eleni

Drina Shipley – Half-Vistani guide

Queen Nera – Beloved ruler of Annwyn

Father Doresain – Trusted ally of Queen Nera and cleric of St Lucian

Jonathan Lynn – Lieutenant in the Annwyn army

Diamabel – Divine ruler of Pharazia

Saihare – Book merchant in Phiraz

Sheikh Allahn el Rashaan – Leader of the desert nomads

Leisha – Older daughter of Sheikh Rashaan

Ata – Youngest daughter of Sheikh Rashaan

Thabit – Information broker for the Serpent’s Coil

Anum – Older brother of Thabit

Kaphiri – Sheikh Allahn el Rashaan’s younger brother

Tale – Daughter of Kaphiri

Snefru – High Priestess of the Temple of Muhar

Hafsa – Helpful Akiri peasant woman

Dalia – Akiri wise woman

Lord Viktor Helsinger – General of the Steel Brigade, holds Le Lac Chateaux

Kurtick Trevelyan – Falkovnian Minister of Magic

Nora Friedrich – High Apprentice of the Minister of Magic; holds the town of Hadley in Mordent

Otto Gerkan – Nora Friedrich’s apprentice; dead

Matthew Tull – Leader of the Crimson Guard; trusted friend of Emmet Kavanagh

Jim Papering – Finest scout in Thalia’s company

Javier Reinier – Leader of the Ste Ronges Resistance

Jacqueline Reinier – Ruler of Richemulot; assassinated

Brutale –Perfect, or best, Ba’al Verzi assassin; Moe’s father


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