Heather House – Magnificent family estate of the Weathermay family

Gryphon Manor – Known as the House on Gryphon Hill, abandoned family estate

Mordentshire – Small city located along the coast of Mordent click here for more information

Old Blackard Inn – Located in Mordenshire marketplace, open for centuries

Shire Inn – Located in Mordentshire near the docks, great food and entertainment

Hadley – Large, isolated town located in the west of Mordent in the Forest of the Ancients

Desna – Small village located along the banks of the Arden River, northwest of Tumbledown

Rivalis – Small farming city in the west of Darkon

Witter House – Family estate of the Witter family, holds the largest library in town, including the town’s public records

Mordent – A bleak land of desolate moors located along the western coast

Richemulot – A land of pristine forest, gentle river valleys, and busy cities located in central Westland

Ste. Ronges – Small city located in Richemulot along the Musarde River

Verbrek – Wild and savage land located south of Richemulot in central Westland

Invidia – Unspoiled land of towering forests located in the south of Westland

Curriculo – Thriving town located in Invidia along the Musarde River

Karina- Declining town located in Invidia along the Musarde River

Barovia – Rugged mountainous land located in central Eastland

Zeidenburg – Prosperous, but dangerous, town located in western Barovia

Immol – Village in the southeast of Barovia along the border of Hazlan

Hazlan – Arid land of ancient magic and severe oppression located in the south of Eastland

Annwyn – Kingdom at war with the armies of Nerull, the God of Death

Amber Wastes – Desert lands hidden within the mists

Pharazia – Prosperous desert kingdom located in the western Amber Wastes

Phiraz – Bustling city located in the center of Pharazia

Har’Akir – Secluded land found in the eastern Amber Wastes


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