601 Grey Ravenshaw is born in the land of Denarius

685 Grey Ravenshaw is executed

710 Amgrave/Ravenshaw Rebellion in Hadley

734 Thurik flees the dwarven village, Glostmrud

738 Thurik arrives in Mordentshire

740 The Grand Conjunction

741 A wolf mauls Gennifer Foxgrove-Weathermay

742 Edgar Shade disappears while investigating the attack of Gennifer Foxgrove-Weathermay

743 Thurik joins the Lamplighters

750 Dr. Rudolph van Richten vanishes. Gennifer and Laurie Weathermay-Foxgrove vow to continue his work

756 Ava Shade, like her father before her, joins the Lamplighters

757 Lamplighter Amaril goes missing

758 Grey Ravenshaw is reborn; Thurik leaves the Lamplighters

759 Grey Ravenshaw disappears

760 Jacqueline Reinier assassinated; Falkovnia invades Richemulot

761 Current Year


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