The Edge of Darkness

Former Lamplighter

Before leaving Hadley, Thurik pens a missive which he dispatches to Mordentshire, 20gp to whomever will ride there and bring back a response, if deemed necessary.

To the Esteemed Lamplighters of Mordentshire,

I, Thurik Orinbald, your former servant, regretfully inform you that I have failed. I was dispatched to Hadley, as you know, in order to investigate the disease know as Dark Adaptation.

The source of this dire plague was an arcane device known as the Soul Sphere, which was created nearly a century ago by a Necromancer called Grey Ravenshaw. I and my companions, including the late Eva Shade killed in action, have discovered the Soul Sphere and attempted to destroy it by a ritual involving the blood of an evil presence called a Dark Lord. From our research, these are beings who likely inhabit all the lands of the Mists, cast into our realm by greater forces in order to imprison them.

Unfortunately, I was incapacitated during a mission to find a known Dark Lord, one Dovavan Westerman, located in an isolated shire north of Hadley. I and my companion Moe the Goatherder were returned to Hadley by my surviving ally, Sophia Shade and the noble Crimson Guard, in order to recover. During my convalescence, I was informed that the Dark Adaptation had ended.

In spite of our efforts to forestall this tragedy, some 120 souls were lost. I believe that though I could have intervened, I was not competent enough to complete the task for which you have assigned me and have allowed a fellow Lamplighter to perish.

As such, I must tender my resignation. I feel that I am unworthy of the title of Lamplighter and must step down from such a noble position. I am leaving Hadley shortly to find an artifact that may assist an ally in Hadley in order to help further the struggle against the greater evil that we have discovered lurking here.

May The Lady bless us all, and I wish you well.

Thurik Ornibald



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