The Edge of Darkness

Sophia’s Journal Day 3 or 5?

I seemed to have lost track of time…

The shadow in my mind has grown stronger. I’m not exactly sure how long its been since I first recorded my arrival. Thoughts are getting foggy and facts more difficult to recall. I shall try my best…

We entered into the ruin that was the Ravenshaw Manor formally. Dust, debris and decay were the only things present physically. We climbed in through a window, later we assumed to be a window of the servant’s quarters. We didn’t get to far in when we stumbled upon 3 spectres. Not 1, not 2 but 3! Never in my life have I seen such a thing, but then again, everything has changed since I arrived into Hadley. Somehow we managed to rid ourselves of them. But they are still on my mind with their sick and strained whispering voices echoing in the shadows.

Trembling, (at least on my part) we continued to look through the rest of the ruined house. Every creak of a rotted floorboard, every crumble of dirt made me choke back bile surging into my throat. Fighting the urge to crawl into a ball or the urge to flee, we continued on even still. The thought of my sister suffering gave me just enough courage not to close my eyes and break down.

We quietly searched every room, not sure what we were looking for exactly and afraid to find out once we came upon it. In the remains of the master bedroom, Moe came upon a small gold ring with a loving inscription from a wife to her husband. So obscure was its hiding spot, it’s a wonder how Moe found it, but he did. Nothing more was found…then we reached the library…

It must have been great once, the library. Now only a former shadow of itself. I strained my mind to find something magic, something we aren’t seeing. Then looking at the far wall I noticed an illusionary spell. As soon as I did, it melted away into a smooth surface with a door, and one intricate lock. It did not match our key we recovered earlier from the new Ravenshaw Manor. Moe, being Moe performed a little magic of his own and managed to unlock it. I held my breath as the door silently swung open, and consciously held my eyes open against their instinct to close.

I stopped breathing when I saw a cloaked figure, dark and glooming. Cobwebs and dirt covered its shoulders, when we approached a huge scar cut across its face and then it spoke.

“What is my master’s true love?”

Looking at each other in half amazement half fear, we responded, “Audrey… Audrey Ravenshaw”. The wrong response and I wouldn’t be writing this right now, but by Ezra we were right. He let us pass into Grey’s real study. Before we found out what the room was, I wasn’t sure I wanted to find out, let alone walk by the animated dead guarding the door.

We spent the next couple of days in the enchanted room, I would have loved to spend another month in there with the wealth of knowledge. It was worth more than a goldmine to be sure! Yet, as the hours passed I became more and more aware of the struggle my mind was having over the shadow. After those 2 days we found out the basic location of Ravenshaw’s real tomb and the fact that he had the soul sphere with his body.

After those days in the study, we had to go back. We took what information we had and left. Not sure why, but Moe managed to take a dagger that must have been worth a fortune and sneak it past the “guard”.

Once we got to the salon, we heard a man’s voice. Clear as day. Talking to someone, then talking to us. We froze in fear. Trying to continue on and leave the manor, the ghost walked right through Moe. Moe started in panic, passing out, then he seemed suddenly not himself. We talked our way out of it and ran out across the river and to the gate and heard crying.

The crying was coming from Trevor, the little boy that showed us around Drust earlier. His hand were bound and it looked like he had been there awhile. Tillivan’s doing. Damn him! I’m glad he now has to fight the shadow in his mind too! He saw us and became frightened of Moe, immediately backing away. After coaxing him, we managed to get him to let us cut his bounds and open the gate, though he steered clear of Moe.

Trevor led us out and quickly ran away. The bright light of day made me realize that we had been gone a long time.

We made our way to the temple to Hadley, where we were slightly less than welcomed. Looking past the accusatory stares and suspicious looks, we noticed more seemed to have died, though, thankfully Ava was cured! Blessed be Ezra and her infinite wisdom!



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